Delivering Customer Satisfaction through Seamless Delivery Experiences

Our fully integrated SaaS smart delivery experience management software helps you scale your business by ensuring the best delivery experience for customers

Scaling your business is not only about having the right technology, it is about having the right partner! 

You Need a Partner Who

Cares about a creating positive impact

Understands your business is more than making on time deliveries

Focuses on helping your clients grow so you can grow

Commits to delivering satisfaction across the board

Offers flexibility to change based on your needs

A Smart Delivery Experience Management Platform

Curfox is a Smart Delivery Experience Management platform that is designed to offer the best delivery experience for customers while optimizing operations to maximize margins

Fully fledged platform designed for growth

Curfox offers all the functionality that a delivery service provider needs to ensure smooth and seamless operations from pick-up to delivery and beyond. 

Omnichannel order processing and workflow automation

We support multiple platform integrations to capture delivery initiations without any hassle. These trigger specific workflows that ensure parcels reach their destination on schedule. 

Automated Finance and support for multiple payment options

Flexibility is key to growth. Our platform lets you accept orders with prepayment or cash on delivery to give customers the freedom to shop how they prefer. Powering this freedom is our automated finance module that provides complete transparency and visibility on all payments.

AI powered delivery optimization

Leveraging AI technology, tasks are triggered at the merchant or delivery partner end to ensure packages reach customers when they can receive them.

We understand the value of having a partner who focuses on more than just the technology

Curfox has been powering deliveries since 2020





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Check what clients say about us

This product enables work with our thousands of vendors at a time without any complications. Our cash management is in full control & 100% free of errors.

Asiri Sanjeewa
Co-Founder | TransExpress

We were able to increase our customer network, reduce the cost and time associated with manual work, and increase our profit margin to a reasonable extent.

Ravi Raj - CEO
CEO | Danfe Express - Nepal

We have been able to reduce the late, missed, and returned deliveries to the maximum and we are now in full control of all our deliveries.

Nuwan Perera
Founder | Vegaya Delivery

Getting Started with Curfox

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