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Single & Bulk Order Upload

The merchant can upload order in single or in bulk using the Excel template given by the system up to 2000 orders at once.

Auto Branch Selection

System will take care of which branch will handle that order based on the default warehouse mapping feature.

Delivery Charge Calculation

Based on the rate card assigned to that merchant, the delivery charge will be auto calculated.

Check the Delivery status

The merchant can see the statuses of the each orders as a summary in his order dashboard. Both summary & the detailed view can be seen in a single screen

Summary View

Total stats of the orders handed over for delivery company by the merchant

Detailed View

By clicking the stat box, merchant can see the orders belongs to the summary

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Invoices & Payment Status

See all the invoices generated from the system and status of each invoice. (Pending, Deposited & Approved)

Billing Cycles

Calculate the total deposit able amount by deducting the total delivery change


Handling commission fee will be added to the invoice if applicable

Multi Business Handling

Merchant can keep multiple business names & addresses in a single merchant portal and can be used when uploading orders

Multi Business Names

Objectively exceptional via customized intellectual.

Assign Users

Interactively integrate extensible directed developer.

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